Hardest and favorite style outside 1a?

You can see for yourself…
oh, and a question, how do you allow multiple choices?

Alright, who’s the joker?

Im gonna say 3a is the hardest, but also my favorite.

If you play 1a youll probably think 2a is harder but thinking from a completely new throwers view, 3a would be harder IMO.

3a is cool to watch and fun to do though. I still suck at it, but its the one style outside of 1a that I want to become “good” at.

Two people have voted the “favorite” one… why? lol
I personally go hardest is 2a and favorite is 3a

Definitly 2a. Basics of 3A are just about learning decent throw with left hand, but starting in 2A takes hell lot of practice.