Happy Thanksgiving


Always nice to get together with family and friends for a hearty meal…


Happy thanksgiving YYE fam


Happy thanksgiving from portland OR


Dude’s nothing but love from California, Happy Thanksgiving. Plus a joke.
If April flowers bring May Flowers, than what do mayflowers bring?
And what kind of music do Pilgrims listen to?
And lastly why can’t you take a turkey to dinner?
They all speak in Fowl language.
I Crack myself up.


Happy Thanksgiving to all :slight_smile:


Happy Thanksgiving from Atlanta, GA!


ATL thrower here aswell u in the ga yoyo insta group happy turkey day

(André Boulay) #8

Happy Thanksgiving! Very thankful for all the AMAZING yo-yo players who are part of our community!


I’m not, and I can’t find it. What’s it called exactly?