Happy St. Paddy's Day

Lifting a Guinness and listening to Clannad.


I got a good one for you…

Silly but funny.

When I was a little kid I went to Catholic School.

My parents figured the nuns would force me to pay attention🙀

The Priests were mainly Irish and were pretty big on St Patrick’s Day. One day they made this announcement that the next day was St. Paddy’s Day and to make sure you wore green(of some kind) or the girls would pinch you.

I wasn’t a Romeo kinda guy as a little kid. But I already knew that girls were interesting. So I deliberately ‘didn’t’ wear anything green. And pretty much spent a good part of the day getting pinched.

I met so many of the girls in School, I decided I would do the same thing the following year… beginning my own tradition.

Interestingly, my Birthday is the 18th(today).

And when I was a little kid, I didn’t really pay much attention to any Calendars.

But I always knew that when the day came up again and I was a human pinch- cushion that the next day was my Birthday🙀

Girls don’t pinch me anymore. They just wait until I get to the corner and then try to push me off the curb and into traffic…:wink:


Had a Murphy’s myself. And finished the soda bread.

I thought that was going to end with a girl saying “you can’t pinch me I am wearing green!”

“But I don’t see any?”

“Come over here and I’ll show you…”

Wink wink nudge nudge

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