Green is not for St. Patrick

Blue is the original color. St. Patty when he returned to Ireland after accepting his priesthood, wore blue garments.

Also, St. Patty was not Irish. He was born British but as a young lad, he was kidnapped into slavery to work in Ireland.

Just thought I would share.

Green represents the Catholics of Ireland. The ones that celebrate Saints…and they probably aren’t prejudice that he’s British. He did banish the snakes from Ireland :-\ Just sayin.

I thought Green represented the Emerald Isle as Ireland is named?

St. Patty never banished any snakes there. Plain old legend.

St. Pat Morita banished them. Banish all Cobra Kai.

Here  ya go. The great wiki speaks.
And BLUE it was.  :wink:

It’s kind of odd that in America we celebrate St. Patricks day instead of Evacuation Day on March 17.


I’m just throwing this in there, but, to use the name St. Patty, you are actually referring to the feminine, Patricia. The “proper” spelling is St. Paddy which is short for Padraig (or Padraic), the Irish version of the masculine, Patrick. I mean, as long as we’re pointing out stuff. :wink:

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Potato Famine…

It doesn’t matter that it was blue. We’ve Americanized it. That along with all the other “cultural” holidays we celebrate.

American Pizza/Chinese food FTW

I’m one of the few people who don’t celebrate this holiday. I refuse to honor a man who was partly responsible for destroying a large portion of celtic culture and tradition. When people talk about “chasing the snakes out of ireland” it refers to the fact that he, along with british soldiers, exiled or killed celtic pagan druids, and basically outlawed druidism and the use of gaelic language.