Happy birthday,Pat!!!

I wanted to wish one of many favorite people on the thread,PatCondon,a very happy birthday! Yes he can be funny, weird, or a bit sarcastic,but we all know we can ask him anything and that’s why we appreciate and love Pat. You can wish Pat happy birthday in the thread,share some funny Pat moments,o anything Pat would like. Hopefully he sees this!

Happy birthday pat!

Happy birthday to both pat and linkslegionaire!!

I wondered if anybody else would bring up that it’s his too…

Happy birthday to both!

I pm’d Pat…

Here’s what he said:

Happy birthday both of you you guys are awesome!

Thanks a lot guys and gals. I had a pretty good day, considering I’m sick and at school. I got a free cookie at the Cafe when I bought my soda and gummy bears, so that was neat. Other than that I just worked and threw tops!

Happy Birthday!

I’m sorry you’re sick, but it’s your birthday…well,aren’t you glad I started this?

I do appreciate it, considering I almost forgot my birthday myself.

This is why we have nice things.


^ I dig this

Josh? Josh? Joooossshhhh!

I thought Josh broke them all…well,we can make new ones