Hand Made Holsters


Don’t waste $5.99!


Just add clip!


I don’t understand the inclusion of the last picture. Does your cat carry your yoyo around for you. That’s great. My cat tries to help me in this fashion. At least that what I think he’s attempting to do when he reaches up on my desk and knocks them to the floor.


My cat is morbidly obese, and as such, hasn’t moved from this position all day. Even after giving him raspberries on his tummie…
And yes, I taught him how to say I love you


I had another cat I tried to teach to say “I love you.” We worked on it and worked it. Finally one day she said; “Would you get outta my face, I’m trying to sleep here.”

(Q) #6

Wow. This changes the whole game.

Thank you.

No really.

Thank you.

I had to pick my jaw up from the floor.

Thank you.


Thats one cat?

(Q) #8

I’m giving you my password. You can take over as Q.

I’m out.


I feel beyond special.


Seriously? You like them? Lol. Thanks for the comment :slight_smile: