Look out Kentaro!

(Mitch) #1

My cat’s working on her 3A!!!

Her name’s Bella… And I’ve been practicing 3A today… First day… SOOO hard…

I went to grab some munchies and had set the yo’s down… And she took her place on the couch right next to the pair of DM’s…

Looks like she’s taking break too huh? (I moved them in this pic, to grab one more before I annoyed her with the flash…)

Just though these were cool and that I’d share em!


Cool, you have a cute cat.


What if you actually see a cat doing 3A? Like literally? ;D

(Mitch) #4

If I walked in and my cat was busting out some Velvet Rolls, I’d be ticked… How can she do it with out thumbs, and I cant even thrown with my off-hand…


Man Kentaro should practice a lot more for this. I hope Kentaro doesn’t lose… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(TP) #6

cool cat ;D


Your cat is a yoyo expert ;D


Haha awesome. Anybody want to do a ton of photoshopping to get a picture of a cat doing 3a? Haha.

I love cats. We haven’t had one for a while though :(.

You should get a picture with them loosely around her/his feet if you can get her/him to stay still for just a little bit. It’d be silly.


Brian I take your challenge, I will photoshop a cat 3Aing.


Lol awesome. Good luck with it!


Here it is lol.


Lol wow. That is some thick string! Haha. Oh and you have both “strings” going to the same yoyo. What you drew is like hydra 7a (4a and 3a, 4a because one is offstring and 3a because it’s 2 yoyos) which would be insanely awesome to see. Ha.


lol thick sting, and 2 yoyo on same string