Halloween Costume Combo Contest :)


Hello Fellow Throwers!
YoRed here!
I havent been active for a minth or so. Due to getting a job. And now, im am going to be a father! So As you can imagine… Ive been pretty busy! Anyways I thought it would be fun to have a costume combo contest :slight_smile: whoever participates must have their costume on. And do a quick “flashy” combo. It will be a democratic decision, to decides who wins. The winner will recieve a 5 pack of JailHouse Contraband Yoyo Strings! Enjoy! And let the games begin! Mwahahahahaahhh!! http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=lBnUiAbUjKI

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(Owen) #2

Yay! Whens the baby due?


lmao nine months from now. Im scared bro…

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(Owen) #4

Haha don’t be man, baby’s are fun.

Just in exchange for the fun of them, you have to lose some sleep XD


haha yeah. Im just afraid of failure. Im only 19… My life just started. But you better believe. This kid is gunna be a pro thrower by the age of 8 lmao XD

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Good luck man and I will be entering


Thats what i like to hear :slight_smile: buuummmpppp



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you guys are no fun… bump