halloween 1a and 5a video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iley78kmWZA so much better 5a. enjoy. comments and constructive critism appreciated. happy halloween enjoy.

nice vid, what is that a skate shelter shirt? Theres a skate park near my house call the shelter, is that their shirt?

yep. I love that skatepark. wait so you live in albany ny.

Nice job! The 1a was superb, but I’d spend a little more time on the 5a.

Overall a very nice video.(P.S. your dog is cute!)

Keep it up!


I’m extremley envious of your blue Califonia! You wouldn’t by any chance want to trade it for a blue VK? lol I wouldn’t.

Nice vid!

lol, the dog immediatly wanted to go back inside! ;D

hahah yeah

sweet 5A, man! Keep it up! your 1A not at all bad! wish i could 5A like that!

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Wow, you have gotten so much better since the last time I have watched one of your vids. :slight_smile:

But, I have to say, ditch the Green Triangle on the first trick.

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thanks. dude your like my idol!! lol. thanks so much. yeah I thought the gt looked bad too.