haddock help pls!

the GT in haddock that your suppose to shoot the yoyo out from. is that suppose to be a little weird similar to ladder escapes GT? Also I am constantly getting knots when I finish the trick and go to trapeze. The knots come out without me having to take the string off my finger or removing it from the yoyo. It is kind of just “bunched up” or like a slip knot that unravels. Any help? Anyone with similar problems? Thank youuu

The Gt at the end of haddok has an extra wrap around the string that is normal and ive noticed if the string tension is to tight it will cause that slipknot kind of knot
Just try to watch your string tension

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yep the GT is a little weird. just like in ladder escape, your doing everything right.

As for the knot… That happened to me a few times also, but its a “fake knot”. All you have to do it pull on the string an the knot will come out.

With some practice the knot won’t happen anymore. Just practice smoothing out the trick and getting that GT type thing that you see at the end of the trick, a little bigger.

Try watching various tutorials for this trick (i know 2 or 3 off the top of my head) to get better angles for that last part of the trick where your getting knots. Good luck!

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I do my haddock a little diffrently, I turn my hand over and get rid of that extra wrap and it puts me in a regular GT, and it looks a little better too.

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alright should I figured this out a little bit… thanks everyone. Do you guys leave your non throw hand in the mount or do you take it out when you end with the trapeze? That should do me good. Thank youuu

I always pull it out then put back under to bind or I get an extra wrap around my NTH pointer finger and have to twist it out

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