"Hacking Attempt"

It gave me a message saying “Hacking Attempt” a few times i tried to post. Im pretty confused…

Okay, look, this is a child friendly forum. For your information, Andre is smart enough to know that you are a professional hacker (probably getting paid about $1500 a hack) and he knows what you did. Stop hacking… please?

I’ve had this when using the Tapatalk app, I just ignored it and tried the post again. That being said, I am a professional hacker so…

To OP:

Are you using the app? I have gotten this message a few times before, seems to be a small bug.

This happens to me so much.

Never happened to me, I guess they didn’t know that I’m the hacker, muehehehehe

Your sv_superhax aren’t enough to get passed YYE’s crack team of technical moderators.

d00d u mu5t b sum 1337 hax0r 0r sum thing.

O nu i gots cot

Sector address x800083170 is vulnerable, let’s exploit this to gain admin privilege.

Good idea, lets run Metaslopit!