Gwizz Tutorials Update


Hey guys,

I’ve been seldom updating this channel with tutorials, nonetheless, here are my latest uploads. If you guys find this as a helpful resource, let me know. I’ll be sure to update it more often if I know that yoyoers find them useful. Otherwise, I’ll let the figurative dust settle on this YouTube channel.

P.S If you have seen my regular trick videos and have a certain trick you want to learn, feel free to ask me.  :wink:

Houdini Repeater

Magnet Space Wheel (by request).

Best Regards,


Thanks for making that great tutorial. :smiley:




Blender is a really fun and simple one. It’s an uncommon way to break the plane, which I love to do.


its fine but not as fun as eclipse from rethinky or the ebst one called mach 6 by vashek at slusny


Just a quick question, is the Houdini Slack a Mach Whip? Because it looks like it.