GWAY Throws: Welcomes Hayden & Adrian to the team!

GWAY Throws is excited to announce our two newest team members along with a full video [link below]!

Hayden has been involved in the Yo-Yo community since 2012 and may be familiar to many of you already. He is a Portland Oregon native who now resides in Minnesota while pursuing his degree for Chemistry. In addition to throwing, he has a passion for photography, clothing design, sports and physical fitness.

Adrian has been Yo-Yoing for nearly a decade and has a relentless passion for the hobby. He pushes his elements to a high level of difficulty often drawing inspiration from Japanese and Indonesian players. Adrian has competed in many venues including the World YoYo Contest as a semi-finalist, US Nationals as a finalist and Minnesota States as the 1st place champion.

We are very excited to have them on the team and look forward to their contributions going forward.

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Check it out now:


It’s awesome to see your team growing with folks that are deeply involved in the community. Great stuff, man! :+1::+1:


Thank you!

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Quality additions! Curious to see what comes next from you guys.

Appreciate you!


These 2 guys have come a long way since the time when I spent most Thursday nights with them at a local Yo-yo club here in Minnesota!

Glad to see you both part of a great team @Aridnavleez and Hayden! Awesome tricks and execution as always!


It’s always interesting to see the evolution of friends and associates!