Guys with swords throw Duncan


Amazing, .


That was epic. Love it. Thank you, Doc.

(ed) #3

that bass is in my office. <3


I filmed Steve getting his nails done during the shooting of that

(Owen) #5

such a classic

(Steve Brown) #6

I’m much better at looking like I know how to rock out on bass than I am at actually playing bass.

I’m a much better bass player when I’m standing very still and staring at my hands.


While we’re on the topic of classic yoyo videos…


Great video. Now I have to figure out how to get that song on my ipod.


I think this falls into the “so bad it’s good” category. :smiley:


quote from Jack Rincga (probably butchered his name)

“looks like duncan’s going to have to jam to something else”

(not a DIRECT qoute, but thats what he said in a nutshell)

as far as i feel about…this…its surprising, yet very understandable as to why they did this :-\