Gundam Model Building

Anybody here into Gunpla? I usually build MG kits, but I decided to take it easy with an HG kit and I think it turned out pretty good. Ill probably avoid 1/144 kits in the future though, this thing is tiny. Still a nice addition to my Zeon collection. Going to start a Gouf custom tomorrow since I have some free time from work and it is supposed to rain.

Here is the Char Zaku II MG kit I just built. No paint, just styled with stickers and some markers:


Used to build these, I had a MG Wing Gundam Zero + Heavy Arms and Epyon - they’re fun to build but so damn fragile lol


Yea they are, but they are mostly meant for display so once you get it in form, just dont touch it. I almost always lose at least one piece, lol. However with this most recent build, I am proud to say that it is 100% intact. Only a HG though, so maybe I shouldn’t be celebrating. I built the same Zaku II with the MG kit, and the HG kit has so many less parts. Makes for an easier model to manipulate and display though, and at a distance (and a bit of marker) you can hardly even tell the lack of complexity. Most of the build in an MG is hidden by the panels anyways.


Growing up they would be resting on their glorious pedestal onlyto get knocked over by my mom and/or sister - it broke my heart everytime I heard them hit the ground

That devastating crash when you lose the hand for good, or god forbid a piece or two that just ruins the look for good. Yes, ive had this happen. I lost a hand on my beast of a build Sazabi because my cat knocked it over, but I cover it up with the shield now. Since ill probably never have time to paint them (I always dream of it, but way too time consuming), I might start super gluing non-moving parts just to make sure they stay together.

Ohhh Gunpla is awesome, I was collecting the RG kits for awhile. I have a few MG kits and one PG. I’d love to do another PG, they are a blast to build.

Here’s some of them, need to clean the display.


Nice collection! I honestly havent built that many, but I still find it fun, and the models look cool to display.

Like I said, I had a free day and built a Gouf. MG kit so I didn’t have time to decorate it, but I completed the build in a day.


Definitely a good hobby to throw on some music and chill. Building them is incredibly relaxing for me.


Yea definitely. Life has been hectic for me lately, so it was nice to drink, listen to some tunes, and build myself a new gunpla model. Still gotta mark it up and put some stickers on it. I might ditch the stickers entirely though and just use the waterslide decals. Just have to find my solution first, I know I put it somewhere.

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Gouf custom :heart:. Sadly I think mine is buried and I fear may not have survived the last couple moves.

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If you’re into seeing amazing paint jobs on Gunpla, check out hwadam7788 on Instagram. He does them in a way that it looks like he pulled them right out of the anime, and it breaks my brain a bit. Very rad stuff.


Im really loving the look of this build. Im gonna stick to my guns and only build UC Zeon kits. I know that I should have an RX-78-2 since it is an utter classic, or even a Zeta Gundam, but I gotta build my army and I picked a side, lol. I was really close to pulling the trigger on the 00 Gundam and the Epyon from Wing, but ended up not doing so. I really like the look of the “grunt” suits, probably going to build a Rick Dom next.

@witchgrinder - yea, im always ashamed of myself when I see the type of builds people make. hwadam’s style is pretty neat, they definitely do look like anime in real life. Im a bigger fan of the guys that make them look realistic and battle worn though. Dont have any example builders, but damn, these guys can make plastic kits look like real machines.

Yeah, I get more joy out of the build than the stickers and paint. It’s why I like the RG line they are very detailed right off the bat.

After building my first 1/144 model, im not sure I like the tiny size. Anything MG hits the sweet spot for me and is detailed enough to look good without even doing much. I like the idea of painting them, but it is way too much work. Panel lining and stickering is annoying when you articulate the model too much and pieces start to fall off, or you weaken a joint too much and can’t get that cool pose you were planning on. I always plan on doing more than I end up doing.

I feel ya, the tiny pieces can be nerve wracking. I recommend trying one just for the experience, as they are much more satisfying than the HG models. Also there’s some cool Char suits.


Nice, the Z’Gok is also on my to build list. Maybe ill get the RG one to match my tiny Zaku II.

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Well, completed the Gouf Custom build. This is as far as im going with it. Stickers and a bit of paint on the weapons. After looking at the pic I think the machine gun might need some silver paint on the second set of gun barrels, but this is what I have now.


Looks great! Makes me want to build again.

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Thanks! I broke down and fixed the machine gun, couldn’t help it. No pics since the paint is still drying.

Using paint markers?