GT Laceration

Okay, I’ve got super good Wrist Whips and super good normal Lacerations (even doubles and sometimes triples). I’ve been trying to get a GT laceration and it’s just not coming together. When I get into the GT it’s like there’s a delay or something. It looks more like a Wrist Whip with a really quick and last minute insert finger and pull. When I see other people performing them it looks like one motion. Am I doing this correct or is it a practice thing? If absolutely necessary, I should be able to grab a video for you guys.

Try looking up the trick Brent Stole. It’s what most people do for GT lacerations. As for what you’re doing, just takes practice and you can probably get it.

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yeah, imo a ‘wrist whip triangle’ isn’t really a laceration (but still a nice way of mounting a gt). for a laceration to fulfill spencer berry’s parameters, you really need to SEE the loop before you put your finger in.

that said, you CAN do a wrist whip with no noticeable delay. just have to pull the string through before the yo-yo fully lands in the mount. think about pulling your throw hand to the side quick and smooth and you’ll have it.

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Ahh, I see.

I’ll be sure to look that up and give it a swing. Thanks for the tips.