has any body used graphite 4 lubeing a bearing?

WARNING Bearings are made with a tight tolerances and if a particle gets in there it causes a problem Graphite is a bunch of small particles. They will spin and build up until it is caked in one spot and ruin your bearing. I did it when I first got into yo-yoing and ruined my only bearing. Buy some sowing machine lube or electric clipper oil or even a bottle of thin lube.
P.S. You cant get it out after it is in there.

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yeah I asked this question also when I first started yoing and discovered that it was avery bad idea.

would rem oil be a thin lube? I already used graphite on my mesquito and it seamed 2 work fine but then i started 2 think about it building up and figured I should ask. Thanks im glad i didnt use it on any of my outher yoyos. Ill buy some thin lube when I order my new yoyo.