a dry lube?

has any one ever heard of graphite dust being used as a lube in a yoyo bearing, a friend of mine said that he used to use it in the bearings on the wheels of his soda bulb cars to make then go further.
Just wondering if any one has ever tryed this or know of anyone who has

from everything ive read they all say not to use it in bearings. the only time i think you might be able to use it is on a transaxle yoyo (fireball) but it would be rather dirty so its probably best to stick wih dry bearings (i prefer running them dry) or a tiny drop of thin lube

Don’t use it it ruined my bearing. It cakes up and rattles really bad. Also the liquid Teflon lube used in R/C cars will ruin your bearing. Just stick with thin lube or sowing machine oil or clipper oil or fishing reel oil ect.

thnx for the info guys, now i definatly wont be experimenting with it

Graphite lube, wow it’s been quite a while since I heard of that. Yes that lube was used on bearings but for roller blade bearings, not spinning nearly as fast and helped out a little bit. Graphite is a solidish lube and will slowly grit away at the balls in the bearings and eventually you’ll needa get a new bearing. So do not use it for your yoyo. People might’ve used it but eventually they will figure out the hard way. Stick with yoyo lube it’s the best thing for you. I wouldn’t recommend running it dry, some people like it but when physics is applied (I won’t go into detail because it’s lengthy) your going to destroy your bearing as well. Get some thin or thick lube and use it it’ll help your bearings live longer and will save you a little bit of money in the long run.