Grant johnson sig series

I think that Grant johnson should have a signiture yoyo dont you think? I mean because Delval(however you spell his last name) has like 4 andre4 has two eric has 1 and 1 coming even ben has one i think that Grant should have one ;D

well first off eric has 2 and one on the way, the k-os and the k-os extreme, and its all up to dale bell, he decides, if anyone deserves one i go with my favorite yoyoer, brandon baines

Well I could go both ways. The wierdest is John Narum. His main style is 4a and he has his own Signature. I am not sure and there isnt much on him but I think that grant should have one.
I read on another YYJ forum and grant said his Sig yoyo would be called G-Force or something along those lines.


Delvalle has inspired so many with his original style. Although Grant is amazing he isn’t Johnnie…


john narum made his signature yoyo when he was 10 years old at the beginning of his yyj sponsorship, he is now 15 and only started 4A after he made the black knight, and also he is not just a 4A player, he is also a 1A and at worlds this year john narum will be doing 3A also

I know i am John Narum Freak…He went to my Elementry school. I know he plays other styles but his main competing style is 4A so I think that Grant plays 1A so he should have a 1A yoyo. but I don’t think that he should because he hasnt made a big impact o the yoyoing community or whatever.