Graeme Steller - New Medium

The scenery was beautiful…
The tricks were beautiful…
The quality was beauiful…

Everything was beautiful. Yeah, that’s right Graeme. Even you were beautiful. :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, what camera did you use?

:slight_smile: Thanks,

and, I use a Canon SX200 IS

Great video!!!
Can I make a suggestion?
If u are not already, I would shoot the slow motion video clips at least in 60fps so it will look smoother.
Well, that’s it. Keep at it. :wink:

editted: I just checked out your camera and it doesn’t shoot 60fps. :stuck_out_tongue:

Graeme this video is beautifully awesome if that makes sense.

i agree

…dang, I was gonna use that song for my first video. :frowning: I love Faded Paper Figures…

But anyways, nice video. It’s really, really pretty. :slight_smile:

Rock on! I love their stuff too.

I’ve been planning to use this song forever though. I’ve been planning this video, and pre-editing it and all for about 1.5 months now

Youtube is now Up

New Medium is Now featured on YoyoSkills, HighSpeedYoyo, and on Ladder Escape

your amazing, especially that repeater trick were you hopped it out and then spun it round the front, amazing!

Thanks for the comments guys.

Also, New Medium is ALSO now featured on YoyoForesight.

cool cheese balls!

that was sooooo awesome!!! your vids are always crazy!!! nice!!!

Thanks for the comments

I tought this video stunk :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha, great video Graeme!

Dude that video was amazing! One of the best I’ve seen in awhile.

Thanks guys

Too many people have told you “Great job”, “Awesome job”, “Good video”, etc.

I shall be different and say that was a STUPENDOUS video! :wink:

That…was…BRILLIANT!!! ;D