Gotta love RAW

Just too pretty, Please don’t bump the table!!

What is that in the bottom left

                                                      One Drop T1
                                   Turning Point Leviathan 1  *  Spin Dyn Flow
                            YYJ Proto  *   One Drop Nickel Dang  *  Mad House Epic
                      Unknown   *   YYJ Theory   *  One Drop Project 1    *   YYJ Titan 1
      YYJ Alliance  *  Duncan Strix * One Drop Benchmark  *  CLYW Avalanche * One Drop Code 1


Could I have more pics of the unknown yoyo?

I’ll have to get them tomorrow, gotta get up at 4 for work.

Here they are, hope it helps. It has a C size bearing and a yoyojam size axle

That’s a YYJ Meteor

Thank You,