Goth Kid Lunchtime/Haddock Loop


Goth Kid Lunchtime:

Haddock Loop:

Let me know what you guys think! Any pointers for Goth Kid Lunchtime are totally welcome! Any harsh and unwarranted critisism or rude comments are totally NOT welcome! Thanks guys!


I really like this trick, especially when you were flicking that thing around.


thank you! I really wish more of you would give me some feedback, i see 20 people have watched but only one said anything lol


I can see that.


Nice job. You are progressing well :slight_smile: I would suggest using shorter string. That way you can be less afraid of dinging throws on the concrete and have greater control of the yoyo.


yea i’m not so afraid of dinging throws at all because it just never happens. only when string snaps lol but other than that using long string lets me do a lot of cool and unusual stuff that people dont see most of the time and it’s comfortable to me.


Interesting mount


Which mount?


The start of the second one


Ohhh thank you lol its a variation on the haddock variation I guess lol so its like, a modified ladder mount? I dunno lol


dug both of those vids man. the goth lunchtime vid was especially fun to watch. don’t really have any real criticism though as I’m relatively new to serious throwing.