1a combo tutorial: Deltitnu

Somebody on reddit requested a tutorial for the 2nd combo in my last video, so I threw one together after dinner (I had pho for those interested).  Watch in 480 or HD if you can.  I went with no music/silence on this video, I know that when I watch tutorials the music kinda gets annoying when I have to keep rewatching certain parts.  The combo is basically a 1/2 mount to a sidestyle mach 5, to a trapeze and bro slack, to the first half of Haddock.  Pretty simple.


If you haven’t seen my last video its over here.

First time attempting a tutorial, there’s some stuff I’m not happy with, but I don’t think it’s too bad.  Enjoy.

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Great tutorial! It’s nice and clear showing what you are doing, especially with the different angles and slowmo.

Would like to see more. My only request is maybe a darker shirt for more contrast. It’s still pretty decent in this one.

BYW - thanks for the shout out on the string!

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