Got a new orbis really loud

Today I got my orbis in and I lined it cause someone said that was good when you first get a yoyo. It was quiet but I noticed the two halts weren’t coming all the way together and my strong was getting caught in between my yoyo and my bearing so I put some lube on my axel and it fixed that problem but now it rattles. Can someone help?

Here’s my two pence:

  • If the halves had a gap between the yoyo and the bearing, they weren’t twisted together properly. I hope that in resolving this you didn’t just wrench the halves together-- you could “strip” the threading inside each yoyo half. Instead, make sure they are well aligned and give one half a spin. It should get to a certain point without any effort at all. At that point, continue screwing them together, with a visual check for alignment and then also “feeling” if they seem to be going together correctly.

However, the above ^^^ has nothing to do with the rattling. Probably.

  • Bearings are not perfect, and they definitely will not stay smooth forever without maintenance. By bad luck, you are ready for your first round of maintenance. Unscrew the yoyo, remove the bearing, and clean it. If you have a spare bearing, pop it into the Orbis and see how you like it! If not, you’re going to have to wait on the clean one.

There are many slight variations on the bearing cleaning process, but the basic gist of it is to remove the shields, agitate (shake, stir, whatever) the bearing in a solvent and also leave it to soak in the solvent for a while before giving it one more round of agitation. Remove the bearing from the solvent and let it dry thoroughly.

After cleaning, many people prefer to NOT put lube. Lube will make your bearing slower, not faster. But it will also make it “smoother” in operation and quieter as well. So that’s up to you. If you lube, use a TINY AMOUNT. Too much lube and it will not be properly unresponsive.

Here’s a link with a bunch of handy related guides:,17792.0.html

I cleaned and lubed it and it still rattles. Any other help?

I also just found out if I loosen the yoyo at all it gets much worse sound

GregP’s advice is sound. As for continued noise, did you remove the shields when you lubed it or cleaned it. If not, do so and redo both. also proof read your stuff. The auto complete function in your phone or browser is taking advantage of you.