Gorylla pads?


Are there any pads that fit the Goryllas recess?




Duncan silicone groove might or k-pad maybe. I’m really trying to help ;D


I appreciate that a LOT! But I really need a definite answer.


Flowable silicone is supposed to fit in any response groove.That will wok if applied correctly.


Previously ive always used silicone but because the recess is just too small, it falls out within 2 days. Thanks

(Edmeister) #7

If youi have the pads at home i suggest you measure it.

Ive never used Gorylla pads inperson but judging from it I believe most C Bearing yoyo’s should use them.
Of course full sized.

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Right here in the store.

Silicone doesn’t stay very well in the recess, because it is so shallow. Neither Duncan pads nor CBC pads will work, since the Gorylla is a D sized bearing.


Thanks man! I dont usually buy from this store because shipping is so expensive international, I’ll take a look around for these though! Thanks again