Good thin string


I am looking for a good thin polyester string. I bought a pack of toxic strings, but found them to be too thick and I need this string for 1A play and use a summit if you need to know.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions or recomendations.


Kitty normal is relatively thin, if you want thinner then get thin kitty!


Thanks, I´ll try them out.


thin kitty


Toxic Draken strings


Gstring solo


Thin kitty string is good. Candy Wire E-type I think is better qualilty, but it’s a bit shorter, so if you like long string go with kitty.

Candy Wires are actually slightly cheaper if you get the 100 pack. But…probably better to buy 10 packs of both and try them both out before buying a 100 pack.


I agree with Elluzion. The question is what’s the Best thin string, not the cheapest thin string.
It’s been my observation that with YoYo string, like anything else, you get what you pay for.

Toxic Draken is the best thin string I have used.


You have a point I suppose but most of the premium strings especially Toxic are fairly thick. Even their “Thin Metz” is thicker than a regular polyester Kitty. I don’t know about the Draken though.

Personally I’d rather get 100 really good strings for $15 and be able to change them out every 4 hours vs. getting 20 amazing strings for $15 and either not changing them out much or just spending tons of money.