Good places to find intermediate 5a tricks?

I’ve seen miguel correas tricks and all of yotricks tricks but I want something new. Not something too hard, but also not super easy. I’ve also seen jake elliot’s channel and the freehand tutorials channel. I’m just looking for some good tutorials or places I can learn intermediate tricks. I can’t do instagram though.

Japan Technology did a whole series on their IG last year. There was a new one every day, below is a link to the first one.

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Nothing on IG will work for me. I edited my post so that people know.

Hey there! I made an entire series that is ongoing which features a lot of 5A fundamentals and knowledge for people who are interested in expanding their 5A skills! A lot of the playlist has more basic tricks but youll also find some more advanced intermediate things to try :slight_smile:


Thanks! I have watched a few of your videos already and they are great!

You should make more tutorials because you are good at explaining tricks and I see in your competitions that you do way more cool tricks.

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