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Superstar - $43 shipped

Jensen edition. It’s got some dings, but plays perfectly. The stacks spin perfectly as well. The only problem, is that it will only work with the crucial bearing 2 that I put in it. Something is up with the bearing seat that prevents other bearings from freely spinning, but with the crucial it plays perfectly. That being said, I will not accept any lower offers, nor will I accept any plastic combos or cheap yoyos for this. Near dead smooth as well. Will trade and add up for a C3 Halo!!!


Go Big - $25 shipped
Offstring wear. Sparkly blue, no caps. Awesome play, used it for PNWR. Prefer old Fiestas. Pics to come later.

-Halo (will trade both for Halo)
-YYJ Sunsets - Must be in really good condition. No weird experiments on them please. No failed silicone. I much prefer the stock set up untouched. Will trade the Go Big for a pair, or the Superstar for one pair plus some cash or something.

Do not want


[s]Spyy Ronin - $70 shipped


Dead smooth. Some scuffs I guess, you can’t feel them at all. All of them are pictured. Just got it, but the catch zone isn’t my thing I guess. [/s]