Whole Collection FS/FT

Genesis - its awesome! satined rims. small wobble and good amount of vibe the most older gensis’s have. black acid wash. some dings and scuffs. inner rim is satined. CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST$50GONE
Grind Machine 2 -  plz let me tell you this is probally gonna be the hardest to get off me. its 1st run inner rims satined small vibe some scuffs and 1 ding RARE!  90 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST [s]YYF 2010 G5 - red some scuffs. awesome. small vibe can be tuned. it can come wit z stacks.. 70 can Northget pics on request[/s]GONE
G5+ - Its beat… 1 of the stack posts completely broke off the yoyo! it held together by a pgm post. if you dont want stacks i could just retap it. no matter what rong with it, it still plays awesome! $30 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST
POPstar - Satined rims hot pink small vibe nuff said NOT FOR SALE probally not evn trade but only offer on trade
Northstar - 1st run White has big crack because it was warm in my house and i went outside into 40 degree weather. small vibe,  still awesome! $20 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST GONE
Protostar - Trans yellow. has 2 small cracks and some scuffs. it has like no vibe. sirecly if it does its like super tiny. its beast $20 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST
PGM -Its green and black. its near mint. no stacks. tiny vibe $20 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST
ONE - MINT! red. small vibe. this thing is amazing $10 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST
Glow Nasty - a few scuffs and 2 black marks from the arrows fading AWESOME small vibe $15
2 Loop 720’s. These things r way underatted. it think there awesome! beast for 2a. there both half blue half yellow$20 for pair. CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST

Lyn Fury - Half Gray Half Black No caps scuffs small vibe awesome for 5A$10
Speedmaker - Has the wrost bearing in the world in it. 2 pricks no caps good 4 5A $10GONE!
Big Yo - Half blue half red. its awesome for 4a… some dings and scuffs but amaing $15 CAN GET PICS ON REQUEST


Gorylla - a few pinpricks. SMOOTH! ive heard there discontinued so heres your chance to pick 1 up! #422$50 Can GET PICS ON REQUEST
General Yo

Mini Star - Its b+… it had dings all around but it paricly satined. amaing yoyo black. $50 can get pics on request


Gone yoyos
Speed beetles

Clyw- Peak gnarwhal AVALANCHE WOOLY MARMOT (BVM Robotvs Ninja moose perferred) 28s sasquatch ANY 28’s Campfire
YYF - 09 or pre pro 888 09 G5 Supernova Monster Skyline Superstar Protege’ Sb genesis ONE!  DNA! Skyline! Pocket change?
YYJ - Phenom Phenomizm Sunsets Dark magic V1
One drop - P2 M1 MMN Y Factor
General Yo - Any B.A. Hatrick B+ Essence B+Mini Star
STYY - Remnant 2
Chico Yoyos - Heavy Hitter
Rec Rev - Electric Daisy Sharp No. 9
Crucial - Heavy Cream Half and Half TURNING POINT! HAHA YA RIGHT!
SPYY - Pro Punchline
Vs. Newton SKYWALKER PLZ! Battosai

thts bout it thx

BUMP come on guys dnt be afraid to offer!

Yo, what do you want for your 2 loop 720’s?

Can I see pics of the Loop 720’s, and would you be willing to trade for them, instead of cash?

Whoa. I ended up messaging him for the 720s too. But then I saw when this post was originally made. Do you realize how old this is?

The mods are gonna spank us for this one…