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Roll-Out R1
I need to sell this yoyo because I don’t have enough money for football. I love this yoyo it is amazing. It is so light and has no vibe. Looks like new and plays like new, the only thing is it is used. It has no dings or scratches. I’m only looking to trade if it’s a really good deal or a CLYW yoyo (I like most of them but especially the Peak) but otherwise I want to sell it. I’m looking to get $65 (this includes shipping) out of it I’m very willing to negotiate though. Here are the pictures…


This is a great yoyo, I have played this specific one before. It has less vibe than anything else I have ever played before! I hope P.OP get some great trade offers for this!

I will drop the price a little. Please just offer

Might I suggest changing the title of this topic? Putting the name of the yoyo in the title should attract more willing-to-buy people.

I would buy that because you can’t play football because I love football but not enough money. Is it any good at thumb grinds.

Yes it is an amazing yoyo for thumb grinds. It is the best one I have tried for thumb grinds

that r1 looks sick!

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