Gold bearing

How can I clean it?

very carefully.

canned air, to play it safe. It wont remove everything, but its better than risking destroying the bearing.

You should be able to clean it like any other bearing. The gold plating won’t be affected by any of the normal cleaning solvents.

I used air it worked great thanks

They seem fragile. ;/

It isn’t gold plated, it is treated steel.

The description says “size C bearing that has been plated in gold!” Sounds gold plated to me.

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It’s not

Oh, well, if you same that pigs can fly then by all means it must be true!!!

Yep, they don’t make them outta solid gold.
(or you couldn’t afford them :wink: )

Missed the word plated, huh?

I would like a concise answer. This response, as well as the description of the bearings on YYE are ambiguous. When most retail stores describe gold-plated merchandise, they are specific. Descriptions such as “plated in pure gold” or “plated in genuine 24kt. gold” tell the buyer exactly what metal has been plated onto the merchandise. When you just say “gold-plated” that can mean just about anything like:

  1. plated in pure 99.999 gold (Au)
  2. plated in gold/tin/silver/Ni/… alloy
  3. treated with a film or lacquer that is gold-colored.
  4. plated with a chemical film, containing gold, or gold alloy
  5. plated with a gold-colored metal of any type.

So, which is it on these bearings? Are they plated in pure gold? An alloy? or, something else?