Go Big bearing help

hello all! I bought a Go Big a few months back to begin offstring. I eventually put it down to go back to 1A. I would like to start 4A up again though. The problem is, is that the bearing is just stuck in the bearing seat. It won’t spin at all. I have tried getting it out and nothing so far. Also, what would be a good bearing for it? I’m not that big of a fan of YYJ bearings

The YYJ Half-spec bearing works fine.

Use pliers or a bearing puller and get the bearing out and then clean it. Odds are, that’s all you need to do.

Bearing specs for the N-size is:
If you want to go find an RC hobby shop, they might be able to match it up. YYJ ain’t the only game in town for those bearings, but if you get the steel race once, they work great. The plastics ones aren’t so hot.