Gnarwhal 2 vs AC2

What are your thoughts? Which one is the better buy in your opinion?

They’re both great. I got more enjoyment out of the Gnarwhal 2 but they’re both great buys. For me the AC2 feels like it combined the AC and Summit into 1 amazing yoyo. The Gnarwhal 2 was like a new CLYW experience for me so it was especially enjoyable.

I heard the AC2 is a nice floaty yoyo that I’d very chill but great for competition at the same time.

I have a Gnarwhal 2 and it’s an awesome little yoyo, it’s midsized pretty solid but nice and light great competition yoyo.

I really enjoy my AC2 its a very good competiton throw it feels a bit like a bvm2 but it keeps the originallity of the AC with a slightly more summit like shape zach wanted it like that because he was competing with the bvm2 more than the AC but its really nice and floaty but not too floaty and its light but very stable its better than the AC at horizontal and they fixed the plane changing problems they had with the AC so its more forgiving on a bad throw it also has nice speed to it but it xan handle slower tricks as well, overall I really enjoy it