Gmail Stars

I feel like they’re broken. I have starred emails not showing up in the starred section, and it auto stars my dad’s emails. I never see them because they ONLY end up in the tab to the side that says starred, not the section above the read emails. Anybody know anything about this?

I am not an expert and I have no idea what happens. Try looking through your settings to see if something can be changed.

Unfortunately, that’s all I can do to help :-\

What you do to view starred in primary:
1.) Open/log into gmail
2.) Where you have your tabs (primary, promotions, forums etc.) Over on the rightside there should be a little plus.
3.) Click it
4.) Down in the bottom left corner there is a check box to toggle if you “want to show starred in primary”

Hope this helps

I refuse to use the star system. Although I never get any emails worth reading, so I only log in to check everything and hit mark as read.