Gloaming Dimmet - Andy Jones

Wanted to share this with you guys.  All the way from the East London ghetto.

Always loving constructive feedback.

phenomenal flow!
Love you Andy <3

Wow your awesome! Great video

Awesome! I was just wondering if there was any REAL good throwers from the UK and couldnt think of any, but dang boy, you’ve made the list.

Yuji Kelly…

holy crap i straight forgot about that guy…

goes and watches all his videos again

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I’ll show you. I’ll show all of you…

goes and practices.

Amazing video Andy. You’re just getting better and better each video.

Cheers for the response guys.

The UK scene is full of a lot of talent but a lot of it isn’t polished, filmed or promoted as much as the rest of the world. My long term goal IS to promote British YoYoing to other YoYoing communities and the general UK public audience… Whilst having loads of fun.

We are the size of a small US state so it’s no surprise our national level isn’t as high. But I don’t want to see that as a limitation. More of a goal.

Practicing hard for EYYC tho. Can’t wait to hit the stage again!

Cool video, Andy. I like the way you incorporate arm movements in a way that doesn’t scream “Hey check me out, I’m doing an arm-involved trick.” Smooth and understated.

I would love to see the UK yoyo scene get big! Well, a big yoyo scene anywhere is always good haha.