Any British Throwers?

I know there is a separate UK site, but it’s very bare, anyone from England on here? (:

Oi oi saveloy. Fellow Redcoat checking in. ;D

There aren’t many UK throwers active on here unfortunately. At Nationals a couple of people remarked on me being one of the few Brits to venture onto here, which shows that there are others out there lurking, but not many actively posting.

Unfortunately the smaller size of our UK forum is representative of our somewhat small yoyo scene in Britain. That being said it’s a nice, friendly, tight-knit community so I’d recommend posting there as often as you can. Also make sure you make it to UK Nationals next year, it’s always a great laugh. :slight_smile:

Fellow Brit signing in. I’m across the pond right now but will soon be back in Blighty. I’d like to get involved a bit once I’m back. Plus no decent bloody pies this side :wink: Toodle pip.