Glide Review

Great review. Love video reviews and this is an awesome one.

The great thing about text reviews is that you can whip through them quickly to get to the meat. But video reviews are so much more personal that it’s worth it!

That said, the video reviews I enjoy always have 2 things this one didn’t:

  1. Brevity: 11 minutes is a bit much. Even if you cover everything you decide to cover (removable axle is pretty standard for any metal, but mention it if you must!) you can do it more quickly!

  2. A bit of play, even if it’s just throwing a sleeper or breakaway. “Seeing” someone play doesn’t really do anything for the decision-making process (we can’t feel how it plays just by seeing it!) but somehow it feels like a nice pay-off. Nobody’s expecting a reviewer to bust out competition-winning combos, but a little play is just nice. Especially to see something like that Aurora Borealis colourway in motion!


Very good points!!

Good Lord, that Aurora Borealis is so sweet looking. I like heavier throws, and I’d like to know what a 74g yoyo plays like. Yomega wasn’t even on my radar till now…

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I’d recommend it to anybody. It’s a complete animal in play. For ~120 you can’t go wrong. The lightning, aroura borealis, and plaid designs are all heavier, the aurora has a sodium elctroplate process, while the other two are water dip processes.

let me, pr fellavader know if you get one!

I will keep these in mind. Thank you.

Josh Yee did a video review recently that was also long, but somehow it was kept more interesting by doing some review points while playing the yoyo:

throw “Yeah, that feels nice and balanced. But fast. I really like this!”
throw “Can it grind?” short grind seems pretty capable.

I don’t mean you should run through and do a bunch of tricks like Josh did, but just that reviewing while playing lent it a real sense of immediacy and credibility, while adding a bit of entertainment value. Seeing him react with a “Wow, this is nice and fast” while actually throwing it made the review quite compelling.

yeah i saw that one. the “Lunar Wind” review. poor thing took a HUGe digger into the floor.

Sadly enough, our Proto did :confused:
As long as its still smooth xD

Onwards, the Glide is a super sweet yoyo :slight_smile:

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