Review - Yoyofactory Supernova

Check out DuhXhytTV’s review on the YYF Supernova. Hope you guys find this helpful and please comment as it’s our first review and we wish to fix any mistakes.

Very nice!

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Here’s some suggestions:

I would type up a written review to post with your video, even if it’s exactly what you say in the video. I can read faster than people talk in a video.

I would spend more time giving impressions about how the yo yo plays. How does it feel when you play, heavy, light? Is it stable, agile, both? Does it grind well? Does it play fast, slow? What does this yoyo do better than other yoyo’s, what are it’s strengths? I would care more about your play impressions than weight and size that I could look up on any web site.

Just my thoughts, good job.


Thank you very much for the advice! We’ll explain our playing impressions with the yoyo in the future.