Giving away a prototype VTWO yo-yo

Hey y’all, I do a monthly yo-yo vlog called Popcast. It’s a crowd sponsored show made possible by my sponsors on Patreon. Each month I give a yo-yo away to one (or sometimes two) lucky sponsor and this month’s yo-yo is a prototype of Vilmos’s new VTWO yo-yo.

Learn more about the giveaway here.

Huge thanks to One Drop for donating this yo-yo. If your yo-yo company wants to be featured in a future episode, hit me up.



Hey, I think my sponsor might want to be part of this. How can I contact you?

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Hey @DocPop, that yoyo in the photo is the Zealot, I’m pretty sure that is the new collab between OD & Oh Yes Yo :+1:

The VTWO was originally named the Zealot (at least according to my emails with the One Drop crew), so I’m guessing they are using the name for this new yo-yo instead.

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Huh and it was in development for two years, so YoYoOfficer making their “Z” yoyo the zealot kinda put the kibosh on that…

Of course YYO has wrapped around the alphabet fully with their releases and is now on the letter “C” again :wink:

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Just a reminder that I’m doing a VTWO giveaway to one of my PopCast sponsors tomorrow. Sign up to my Patreon today to get entered and please spread the word if you can.

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