Some people have asked me and some might be wondering what is a Ginger.A Ginger is a White person With Red hair and freckles it is a thing made up on South park and some peoples Definition is A red haired person That has no soul “but can steal souls” and is the devil child.Most people use this as a Pun but i pretty much turn it into a positive thing Like on other forums My name is “GingerOnABike” and so forth And thats pretty much all i have to say


Theres international kick a ginger day

I remember hearing that term in the 1970’s, which was a term used to describe a white person with freckles and red hair. So, I seriously doubt the South Park folks came up with something new and original.

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It comes from the UK for the most part. Because of South Park it’s become a common term all over north america

South Park did not come up with the term “Ginger”. People have been saying it for years now.

i want to be a ginger

Only if the carpet matches the curtains….


the ginger trait comes from neanderthals.


It’s also not a term that I could use. I went to school for a bit in an Irish Catholic parochial school. There were a LOT of them!

And don’t make them mad. If you get a ginger mad, ginger snaps!

Consider yourself warned!

http://i1080.photobucket.com/albums/j330/sirnaq_MN42/Ginger.jpg ??? ?

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Well I’m Irish/French Canadian. My brother is more Irish, and I’m more French. He’s the Ginge of the house, though only hair, no freckles. I have twinges of red hair, but I’m mostly brown.

As far as soul stealing, that’s true. The “no souls” part is false, since we steal our fair share.

Your a daywalker then,as am I, I have a redish beard when its long enough but I have brown hair, my mom’s whole side of her family are gingers

People are people to me. If you’re a “ginger”, I don’t think of you any differently.

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ginja ninjas!!!

two people in my class are gingers and they wont admit it

One person in your class is a jerk and they won’t admit it.


I find it kind of amazing (yet not surprising) how judgmental a lot of you are.