Ghostwires BST!!!!

hey guys, pics upon request just pm me your email.

arctic circle*

i have:
Purple w/ Gold Splash Matuesz Ganc Supernova (mint)
Black w/ pink laser engraving + wavelength Yuji Kelly EYYC Supernova (mint)
Purple + Silver w/ Purple Splash Jon Rob ed Supernova (mint)
Blue w/ Black acid wash 2012 supernova (few tiny 5A marks)
Half Green Half Blue 2011 Genesis (mint)
Red w/ Black Splash 2012 Superstar(mint)
Silver w/ Black splash Nova (Mint)
Unreleased YYF ONE star (mint)
Gray w/ purple splash Super G (beater)

Im really only looking for my wants, will bundle (to an extent) thanks!!! beaters welcome.

you need pictures or links to pictures. otherwise, you’re considered a scammer

NOT TRUE. You just get your thread deleted.

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that’s kinda what i meant., thanks, anyways

not true, my mobile phone wont let me put pics on a bst threqd. idk why, but anyways, no ones had any problems, moderators or not, i always send pics through email. this isnt the first time ive had a bst thread up, and i never was told to put it down.but i do understand you need pics, but i guess since ive never had problems or complaints, and i follow through with what i say, moderators let it slide.