fs:ft spyy yyf yyj and more !! LF supernova severe 09 pro and avalanche

hey guys so this is my BST!!!

-catalyst: black with silver splash its really beat but it still plays good ! may be tough to get this off of me but still offer 85$ or trade

-supernova: purple gold splash mint awesome will be tough to get but offer 115$ or trade

-PHENOMizm: half pink half green mint but the green sides cap art is a little scuffed 50$ or trade

  • pair of unleashed: one has a scuff but both are good one is ckearish gren and one is green both for 30$ or trade

-yuuksta: black, beat to death im looking for 40$ or trade

-genisis: yellow/goldish with black acid with satined rims its soo smooth!!! not mint but close so 70$ or trade

-popstar: purple rims look satined cause how beat it is… offer!!

-dv888: aqua its so beat looking for 25 or trade

-whip: blue… mint offer

-ocho8ocho: somewhat rare 888 it has some light scuffs on each side not very bad and only 1 hubstack 80$ or trade PENDING GONE!!!

-northstar: yellow mint awesome offer

-northstar: green light scuffs awesome offer

-maverick: crappy so offer

heavy hitter - beat but its awesome its team edition to offer

super g- black red acid wash i ding but awesome offer

supra-star grade so its rare and its gold its mint so its awesome its so smooth offer

equinox-gold not minbut good offer

fast 201- mint and mainly a deal swettner but offer

northstar-1 half is cracked offer

glow nasty- 3 scuffs offer

raptor- purple 2 dings dead smooth offer

rockstar 2010- pink acid unengraved super rare 140$ or trade

icon- mint with no pads gold offer

supernova-yoyoexpert yoyoaddict edition 1-25- 1 ding its so smooth tho 115 or trade

2008 888 -blue violiet splash beat… offer

wants list!!!

-super g
-spyy pro
-cyyc heavy hitter!!!
-supernova lite
-clyw avalanche
-clyw wooly marmot
-clyw peak
-exit 8
-spyy solaris
-clyw sasqautch
-anything cyyc
speeder 2
code 1
clyw campfire
clyw chief
clyw bassalope
torrent 2
rockstar 2012
spyy ronin
big yo
fiesta xx
gm2 (metal)
lucky 7
del toro
gulia spintop
sophia spintop
dr dre beats
speed freak
sick shoes
skytop shoes
supreme hats

offer anything evan lowballs just not super lowballs and pics will be up tomorow!!