Comment here if your from the Orlando areas. Just started and have three people so far. Looking to get a consistent thing going

A few of us usually meet at downtown Disney Monday evenings, we want to try and find another location as we’ve been there almost a year now. We used to meet at a comic shop by sea world.

Im from orlando. I go to downtown disney for yoyo club a lot. Theres alot of great yoyoers there

Ill be out there next monday, I couldnt make it this yesterday and was sick the week before. Its like some outside force will not let me make it on a monday lol.

Live in Ocala about a hour and a half north. Just met my first fellow throwers a few weeks ago at our regular flow jam (3 and counting over here). Every Sunday a group I’m part of will meet up and includes all sort of prop manipulators (like hoopers and poi spinners) but until recently I was the only thrower. It was definitely nice to go back and forth with someone and get a little geeky. Anyways our groups should meet up at some point.

Im from Gainesville Fl I know most orlando throwers im close to ocala we have some throwers up here.

Really? That’s great! We regularly congregate in Daytona when we actually get out of town but Gainesville is nice and close. We also occasionally get together at Juniper Springs, hit me up sometime.