Getting around Chico, California

I need some input from guys who have been to Chico.

Isn’t Holiday Inn about a 40min walk away from City Plaza?
There’s no bus, so you guys all walk or take the taxi right?

Pretty much everybody gets a ride with someone… there are a lot of rental cars around since most people fly into sacramento and drive to Chico.

You can even fly into sacramento (typically a lot cheaper than flying into chico) and usually find a ride from the airport with somebody arriving around the same time… though this is trickier of course.


Speaking of which… I want to catch a flight to CIC. However, even if I fly as a minor, I would have nowhere to stay. Would anyone be open to helping me out? I’m not expecting anything, but if someone would be able to help that would be sweet!

I’ve only seen 1 taxi here… If you can get one, great.
Come to bird In hand if you haven’t already!! Haha

There is a B-line bus route that runs everyday until 9pm for less that $2 a ride and it is about a 20 min ride to downtown. And its closer to a 30 min walk than 40. But there are always a ton of people willing to give rides if you have no other option.

Thanks guys. I get the picture now.

I want to stay at the nearest hotel, I think Diamond Hotel,
but I’ll probably end up staying at the Holiday Inn.

I think the diamond hotel is really close to my yoyo club,and museum. If interested pm me ;D
Oh haha, and I think one of the holiday inn hotels has a Denny’s next to it :slight_smile: hahaha

You might want to start up a separate thread. I know a lot of people will cover a percentage of the room to sleep on the floor so you might be able to do that. I had one person do %20-%30 of the room when I was at worlds last time

Possibly… Do you know how far Chico Airport is from the Nats venue?

There are nicer/friendlier hotels very close to the venue (one directly behind bird-in-hand)… however all the yoyo players hang out at the holiday inn. If you have a car, it’s not a problem since you can hang out then just drive back to your hotel whenever you feel like it… otherwise I’d suggest staying where everybody is.

its a little less than 20 minutes if you go the right way.