Get-Together in GA?


Well, the only top thrower and yo-yoer I saw there was Bruce P. I hadn’t seen him in years, and it was good to see him again.

I will keep trying, but I think I’ll need help finding and getting people to come out. So far, the time and effort I have available to put in, isn’t sufficient.

Hopefully since I’m providing the venue, someone else can step up to the plate and help me with getting the word out?

With a population of 6 million, there must be some throwers in this city!?


I’m going to keep giving this a shot!

What works for you? Pick as many as you like.

  • Feb 10 early afternoon
  • Feb 10 late afternoon
  • Feb 17 early afternoon
  • Feb 17 late afternoon
  • Feb 24 early afternoon
  • Feb 24 late afternoon

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I still have YYF tops to give away, and I’ll give away some of these as well!

@TheThrowingGnome @jaf0018


Yeah, I got a vote! I honestly will be glad to meet with just one other thrower, so I’m getting excited!


I voted! PM me and let’s meet up. Also… it’s a long shot, but just recently noticed that Mark Montgomery and Drew Tetz are in the Atl. may be able to contact through their Instagram. How cool would that be!


Yeah, I noticed that Mark is, didn’t know that Drew is!

I messaged Mark about the juggling festival. I’ll let him know about this as well. I’ll message Drew too.

Keep you posted…



I have closed the poll.

The meet will be at 12:30pm, on Sunday, February 10th!

I posted to a few FB groups, and contacted Mark Montgomery, Drew Tetz, and YoYoBrothers. @TheThrowingGnome, do you think you could post to the reddit group for me?


OK, Matthew with YoYoBrothers might be coming out! He thought I should push the time back a little, so the updated time is 1-4pm. I’ll be there early, though…


Reminder about the meet tomorrow, and I’m super excited!

Rehearse Live, LLC

BTW, Yoyobrothers advertised it as 1-5, so we’ll do that.


See you there. Bringing a friend!


Shout out to @Myk_Myk for hosting the atl meet up today. Had a lot of fun learning new tricks and meeting new people. Can’t wait for next time!


I had a blast! Thanks for making the trek down to Atlanta.

I forgot to give you and Jordan a Rehearse Live Legend Wing. Next time…

I can’t wait to try out some more of your awesome yoyo collection! I really want a Dietz now…