Get a Clue-CLYW

Yup. New vid. New and old stuff, mostly concepts. I have a lot more, just wanted to put some of it in video form. Sorry for super random double clip at the end  :stuck_out_tongue:

More to come for sure  O0

Please let me know how I can improve the tricks and whatnot…

One word…Awesome. :smiley: How long have you been throwing?

Also, on a side note, how did you do that afro emoticon?

about 2 years, and the emoticon is an uppercase O followed by a zero (0)



Nice,very nice lol

Some nice stuff there.
I see a ton of Clint Armstrong influence in your style. Nice.

Good stuff!

Yea I never really thoght about it, but Clint’s pretty awesome haha. Thanks everyone!

Great way to start my morning by watching an awesome video. Your tricks are pretty sick man and I like your style.

Thanks! Video featured on YYS. I will make a trick document video, a collab video with some friends, and a 2011 video, and maybe something else, in that order by the end of the year.