Austin Cook: Tricky tricks


New tricks i have been working on enjoy :slight_smile:


Super sick dude


Thanks dude means alot :slight_smile:


Really great tricks man, super creative and fresh each video. I just wouldn’t put CLYW in all your videos, even if you are a fan. You have the tricks and the videos, just be your own player and you probably will get sponsored.


always awesome!.. now im wondering whats all in your collection in the background


Ill be sure to do that dude really iv been toning it down with the CLYW i just put the logo cuz i love seeing it in my videos :slight_smile: and plus i use their yoyos so i gotta rep them somehow :slight_smile:


Well theres a wooly 1 and 2 and theres a zip zop chief, and a raw canvas , two bonfires, a summit, a gnarwhal, a hulk smash benchmark H and two glacier expresses :slight_smile: and other stuff too:)


Digging it. The first chopsticks of the second trick made me pick up a yo-yo.

Well done.



Thanks dude im glad you enjoy yoyoing now make sure you keep it up:)