GENYO. PrePro YETI. YYWS. Help me get to worlds!


Hey everyone! I am in need of some dough so i can make it to Worlds. So hmu with offers. Prices are somewhat negotiable. Most of these prices are just so i can get my money back!
YETI- Marks around rims, BUT this is one of the smoothest yetis i have ever played. Offer
Armament- two small marks. Blue marks from counterweight that could be rubbed off. SMOOTH- 85 shipped
Prophecy- one small mark. 1/20 i believe- 90 shipped
Prestige- a few marks round rim. Smooth- 80 shipped
Various plastics are 15 each. And the momentum is 50 shipped - I have the se’s for the momentum and the magnetic dice. Missing the small screws that attach the se’s to the sides of the magnitude
pm me for details and pics. For some reason I cant post with pics.

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