Genesis and much more for trade! LF: One Drop, Yoyofficer, YYF

Trades only.

Specific wants:

Galaxy Proton
One Drop: Most full sized
CLYW: Any except for AC
YYO: Lava, Hatchet, Imp and most others
Yomega: Prodigy, maybe a Glide

Feel free to offer anything else! Preferably no plastics.

Please ask for more pictures on the condition of a yoyo if you are not sure.

A good amount of scratches and pinpricks, few dings.

888x: On ebay atm
Mint, I don’t see any damage at all. Has been kept in a pouch.

Some very light scratches. I would call it near mint. Spacers have some marks on them from removing bearing with a screwdriver. Probably won’t trade until I get a rockstar.

Counter Attack:
Mint. Barely used.

Prague Popstar:

c3 Token:
1 set of scuffs, doesn’t break through anno all the way. The stuff on the second picture is light reflecting, the scuffs are at the edge in that picture.

Audley, not sure what it’s name is:
Mint. Fun to throw, feels a little bit undersized.

Some stuff I can throw in as deal sweeteners if you’d like:

Serious offers only please.

I also have a bunch of original Wii games and bakugan. I can get pictures of those if you are interested.

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[s]Sorry if this is considered a bump, but I’m not able to edit my post. It just shows the green loading bar at the top. I’ve left it loading for a long time and it’s still there.

Just like to say a few things:

The lines on the picture with the token are from the light, not scratches. The scuffs are at the edges of that picture.

I most likely won’t accept $ unless it’s to throw into a trade or you offer something crazy.

If anyone knows why I can’t edit the post, please PM me.[/s]

Noticed immediately after posting this that there is a modify button at the top of the post also. I was pressing the one at the bottom. D’oh!

bump, raptor is gone.

Bump, looking for a rockstar.