FS/FT: Genesis, Strix, Echo, Torque, Summit + more!

Pictures are upside down for some reason, sorry.

I’m more attached to some throws than others so I may reject even good offers for certain ones.

Offer absolutely ANYTHING, I’m interested in a lot.
Specific Wants(not in order)

Side effects(other than UL)
Code 1
Mint spectrum
YYO Lava

PM me for pics and other info.

token(1 pair of scuffs), g-funk, FIRMY(beat), summit(good amount of dings) prefer to trade in a deal for another summit or clyw, genesis(dings), rally(slight vibe, probably can be tuned)

omnicron, omnicron x, acrylliongone, cosmogone, al5gone, accentgone

dragonjam, flexgap, counter attack, some audley yoyo, popstar

torque(few very light scratches), echo(tiny scratch on hub), strix(near mint, tiny scratches)

Hello! Check out my BST. To see if there is anything you would trade for your genesis and GFUNK at http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,79976.0.html